Dear Parents/Carers,

This page contains key information with regards to our opening procedures from 1st June. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07926005724 or 01752 312046.

We have begun planning for our children to return with guidance from the Department of Education initially with the oldest children in the first week. We will then bring our youngest children in the following week. We have carefully considered the risks and a full risk assessment to ensure our children and staff are kept as safe as possible.

Please download the risk assessment here and also note:

  • We cannot guarantee social distancing of children in pre-school.
  • If children become ill with Covid-19 symptoms, they will immediately be isolated, and parents called to take them home.
  • No child should attend school if they or a member of their family have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 in our pre-school then we will close with immediate effect or if the adult in your child’s group becomes unwell things could well change.
  • No personal belongings to be brought into preschool; except.
  • A named sunhat and sun cream which must remain in school. (sun cream for children on full days only, children on half days must come with sun cream already applied).
  • Packed lunch must be in in disposable containers and packaging which can be thrown.

For information and advice to promote early learning and development at home during the coronavirus, please download this family support PDF.

The school day will be and look quite different for our children – they will be in smaller groups called ‘bubbles’ with two adults per group. They will be encouraged not to mix with any other group, and we will do our best to socially distance each bubble although of course with incredibly young children this will be extremely difficult to guarantee.

For the children going to school this year parents are asked to wait at the preschool gate at the front of the pre-school when you drop your children off and stay 2 meters apart. Once your child has been taken from you please do not stay near the gate to allow the next child to be collected. One of the adults from your child’s group will come and collect your child and take them to their other adult in their bubble who will remain with them for time they are in and on subsequent days.

The same applies to the younger children but your entrance will be at the back gate where again you are advised to socially distance from the other parents.

Please could you let me know you accept the above and the risk assessment by making a comment on Tapestry.

Many Thanks
Tracey Pritchard (Manager)

Please also see our Dealing with COVID-19 policy on our policy page.